WWPass PassKey Lite is the most advanced and convenient replacement for usernames and passwords

WWPass PassKey Lite Features

PassKey Lite uses your mobile phone for Web site log in.

PassKey Lite inherits the unique features of WWPass technology

  • Usernames and passwords are no longer required
  • A single hardware device authenticates a user on an unlimited number of Web sites
  • No personal information is shared, sites are fully isolated from one another
  • Strong authentication algorithm protects a user against many types of attacks, such as “man in the middle”, “brute force”, and phishing
  • If a user loses their mobile phone, the PassKey can be restored on another phone. Key management is under full user control

In addition, PassKey Lite provides

Convenience for users, Service Providers and System Administrators. There is no need to supply users with additional hardware cryptographic devices (i.e. tokens, cards). Authentication leverages the user's phone.

Always with you. Log in with a phone is second nature. Due to a phone's importance in everyday life, it is rarely left at home or in the office. Remembering to bring yet another USB stick or smart card can sometimes be a challenge.

No need to install special software on a computer. Use of PassKey Lite does not require a specific computer configuration. It is possible to log on using tablets, and public terminals such as those in airports, libraries, malls, etc.

Touch to Log In. When browsing to a WWPass-enabled site directly on a mobile device, a user can touch the WWPass QR code image. The PassKey Lite app is activated and will authenticate a user for a particular site. On success, the browser is re-actviated and the user gets access the web site.